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Welcome to the PowerRetail Wizard. Here you will setup your store by inputting your item, tax, and shipping information.

What you'll need...
Item prices

Item descriptions.
Item images. Images must be gif or jpg format. We suggest preparing your images by resizing them for your pages: roughly no more than 200 pixels wide.
In order to authorize online credit card orders, you need an online merchant ID number (even if you already have a non-internet merchant ID), a payment service, and the Mercantec Encryption Software.

See Getting Started in PowerRetail for details.

Download the Mercantec Encryption Software (You must download & install the encryption software to continue.)

What you'll do...
Here you will enter information and designate how things appear in your site.
Click on the Next button to continue and save your work.

You control the results...
Your work will be saved as you go. The settings you configure here can be modified later through the PowerRetail drawers. If you need to exit the wizard before you are finished, you will re-enter the wizard where you left off. Once you have completed the PowerRetail Wizard, you will not be able to enter the wizard again. All further edits can be done through the PowerRetail pages.