Welcome to PowerService Wizard. This is where you'll customize your website to fit your service based business.

What you'll need...
Your company's business information

Your company's business hours

The services you plan to offer

What you'll do...
Follow steps 1 - 6 of the PowerService Wizard.
Enter information and properties (how things appear) into your site.
Use the buttons above to navigate. The "Next" button will take you to your next screen and saves the information as you go.

You control the results...
Your site is not set up for services, or made public, until you are done with all steps of this wizard. If you need to exit the wizard before you are done, you will re-enter the wizard the next time you log in. Once you are done with this wizard, you will not enter the wizard again at login.

After you publish...
You will be able to edit and add to these settings through the Schedule drawer.